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Asphalt & concrete are two construction materials which are commonly used around the world. The primary difference between the two is that asphalt is made by mixing aggregate with bitumen, a sticky black hydrocarbon which is extracted from natural deposits or crude oil. Concrete is made by mixing an aggregate material with a cement binder & then allowing the mixture to harden, forming a rock-like substance.

Asphalt is used for different construction tasks, ranging from roofing to driveways, footpaths, roads etc. Concrete is applied cold and a combination of cement, rocks (sometimes–aggregate) and water.

Concrete is a harder substance and will not soften up with high temperatures. Asphalt will become more soft and pliable under high heat. An easy way to remember the different between asphalt & concrete is that asphalt is usually black to brown in color, & has a distinctive texture, while concrete is greyish in color & looks more like rock.

Some of the most common causes of asphalt deterioration are oxidation, water accumulation in low-laying areas due to improper drainage, excessive loads on the asphalt and the destructive effects of vehicle oil and gasoline. Over time, water accumulations can cause asphalt to crack and split severely or “alligator,” as it is commonly referred to in the paving industry. Bearing excessive weight can cause the asphalt to sink and oil and gasoline that seep into the asphalt cause further deterioration.

Factors that will affect our prices are:
units (i.e. square feet, lineal feet, etc.) condition of the asphalt, how much prep work may be required, and obstacles that will affect workflow, such as carports, curb stops, etc. When seal coating, asphalt in relatively good condition does not require nearly as much material and can be completed at a much lower cost, while older, “thirstier” asphalt, can require much more material. Patchwork is significantly more expensive than seal coating per foot. Striping, patch work, and any other services can be itemized on your bid so you can pick and choose what you wish to have done.​

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