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To extend the life of your pavement, we offer several parking lot repair and maintenance solutions.

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​  Denver  Asphalt specializes in parking lot maintenance, repair, and construction.

Our paving professionals will design and build a parking lot based on your needs.

​​From smaller lots with lighter traffic to heavy utility lots that require deep-strength paving, the Denver Asphalt crew can balance the subgrade and finish-grading the aggregate base. These essential elements ultimately deliver extraordinary results.

Some of what sets us apart: attention to detail, precision, clean lines, a smooth finish. Denver Asphalt has the new construction workforce has the proper newer equipment and experienced crews.

When asphalt parking lots must be removed and replaced, you need an expert to handle all aspects.

Denver Asphalt provides durable, cost-effective, and strong replacement paving.


​  All asphalt begins to deteriorate from almost the moment it is placed. Fine hairline cracks appear and eventually deepen. Asphalt deterioration typically begins in smaller areas damaged by water or other outside factors, and can quickly spread throughout your pavement.

Without prompt attention, it will need to be removed and replaced. That’s when you need Denver Asphalt.

We offer a full range of asphalt removal and replacement solutions geared toward saving you much more costly repairs later.

​Asphalt Overlay  By Denver Pavement  

​  When pavement deteriorates, you start to worry that you’ll require a new parking lot. Not necessarily.

Sometimes a pavement overlay will do the trick.

​  An overlay provides an additional layer of asphalt over existing pavement where the existing foundation is in good condition Denver Pavement will assess your current parking lot for cracking, crumbling or sunken areas. If areas of the pavement are too deteriorated to accept an overlay successfully, we will let you know and add a repair to the project scope to ensure a solid foundation for the new asphalt overlay.

When we do provide an overlay, we make sure it includes saw cut butt joints so that it flows seamlessly with existing asphalt.

It’s our intention to make your “old” asphalt look as “new” as possible. WE PRESERVE PAVEMENT