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 Don’t be a sitting duck! Potholes and failing catch basins are a huge safety hazard for your tenants,   employees and customers.  

 Let us minimize your  liability by filling the potholes with asphalt, and/or repairing the catch basins on   your property.
 Just fill out the “Contact Us” form below today and we will make it fast and easy to get your property  back into shape!  Pothole season is back, We will be any reputable minimum Charge. Guaranteed. 

   Asphalt patching By DAC is the most effective repair option when a surface has been neglected and water infiltration

   has undermined the sub-grade material. In this case, removal and replacement is necessary.

    Asphalt patching can be performed when both air and ground temperatures are above freezing.
   DAC asphalt patching improves functionality, repairs damages, and fixes depressions and drainag
e issues.

   We deliver the highest quality materials and service in every circumstance, whether it’s a long-term project or an emergency repair

   that must be fixed now. We’ll complete your repairs on time and on budget—every time.

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