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 Filling broken cracks is crucial to extending the life of asphalt. If moisture seeps through the crack, it could create much bigger  problems.    Vegetation could grow in the cracks, and the plant’s roots could push the pavement up. Moisture can also lead to the creation of potholes, so it’s important to address cracks as soon as they happen. The type of repair depends on the type of crack, with naturally occurring cracks simply requiring the use of asphalt crack filler. Larger cracks and potholes will need to be assessed by a professional like (DAC)

 Crack sealing is a very important step and first defense in maintaining and protecting asphalt pavement. Crack seal keeps water from entering and damaging     

 the sub-base and causing further cracking and pavement distress. Hot pour rubberized material is used which meets or exceeds D.O.T. specifications.

 With  proper maintenance and attention to cracks you can prevent problems from spreading and literally double the life of your pavement.


 There are several types of cracks that occur in pavement.

Reflective cracks- that happen when an existing crack or joint in the underlying pavement reflects upward through the surface.

 These types of cracks shorten the life of any overlays or repairs on your asphalt.

 Block cracks- typically form in a square pattern, with cracks intersecting each other.

 These types of cracks often happen in areas of low traffic since higher traffic works to keep asphalt more flexible.

 Edge cracks- usually appear within 18 inches of the edge of your pavement.

 They’re causes by a poor base, lack of shoulder support, poor draining, and excessive frost.

 Joint cracks- are creating during construction when the edges of two pavement mats are placed next to each other.

 These joints often have a lower density of asphalt and if they don’t bond properly, they crack.

 Slippage cracks- are often moon-shaped and are caused by heavy traffic that’s stopping or turning.

 Fatigue or alligator cracks look like the skin of the beast its named for. These cracks happen as asphalt ages.

 When you properly seal asphalt cracks, you may be able to double the life of your existing parking lot.

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