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Asphalt Repair In Colorado:  

To extend the life of your pavement, we offer several parking lot repair and maintenance solutions.
Asphalt Maintenance and Asphalt Repair in Colorado

(DPLM) is the asphalt maintenance and repair company trusted by residential home owners ,property managers,

building owners, and contractors for when their pavements need it most. Parking lot repair and maintenance services include infrared patching, skin patching, seal coating, and crack repair,  WE PRESERVE PAVEMENT

   Infrared asphalt repair"also known as infrared asphalt patching"

 Is one of the most effective solutions for helping extend the life of your asphalt.

   Infrared asphalt patching is a unique way to repair your parking lot. It works by blending hot-mix asphalt in with your original asphalt before compacting it perfectly for a seamless fix. It is especially effective with filling potholes in high-traffic areas, and smoothing pavement upheaval and uneven surfaces.

The process allows infrared rays to penetrate deeply into asphalt, heating it to approximately 325º, enabling each layer of existing asphalt to become workable again. Additional oils and asphalt mix are added, worked in to the existing, and then compacted. This process is faster than conventional repair methods and can be driven on almost immediately.

At (DPLM), infrared technology allows us to take care of certain parking lot repairs during the cold, winter months when other types of repairs can’t be done. 

                                                                                                              " We Are Open Year Round "
What is asphalt crack repair?

Crack sealing can help prevent further deterioration of your parking lot which may also help you avoid more costly repair expenses in the future

Crack repair is often a first defense against asphalt degradation because it keeps water from entering and weakening the subgrade, and ultimately caused voids that can become potholes. Repairing cracks also helps preserve the pavement surrounding the cracks, preventing dirt from making its way inside causing further stress.

There are several types of cracks that occur in pavement.

Reflective cracks- that happen when an existing crack or joint in the underlying pavement reflects upward through the surface.

These types of cracks shorten the life of any overlays or repairs on your asphalt.

Block cracks- typically form in a square pattern, with cracks intersecting each other.

These types of cracks often happen in areas of low traffic since higher traffic works to keep asphalt more flexible.

Edge cracks- usually appear within 18 inches of the edge of your pavement.

They’re causes by a poor base, lack of shoulder support, poor draining, and excessive frost.

Joint cracks- are creating during construction when the edges of two pavement mats are placed next to each other.

These joints often have a lower density of asphalt and if they don’t bond properly, they crack.

Slippage cracks- are often moon-shaped and are caused by heavy traffic that’s stopping or turning.
Fatigue or alligator cracks look like the skin of the beast its named for. These cracks happen as asphalt ages.

When you properly seal asphalt cracks, you may be able to double the life of your existing parking lot.

(DPLM) is here to help you do that.

 What is asphalt skin patching?​​

Pavement deteriorates. It happens because it’s outside all day, under all types of weather and temperatures. In Colorado,

(DPLM) handles all types of asphalt patching.

​ Asphalt patch repair helps prevent the deterioration of your pavement. It’s that simple.

If you can prevent deterioration due to cracks and potholes, you may also be able to avoid huge parking lot repair expenses.

Patching ranges from temporary " throw-and-roll " to semi-permanent, which is a longer lasting solution.

(DPLM) offers :
* Temporary patching uses EZ Street asphalt to fill a hole. This is used for emergency patching.

* EZ Street asphalt is an international product that is used for various applications including pothole patching,

   utility cuts, trench repairs and even paving in several countries.
* Semi-permanent patching requires surface preparation.
* Full-depth patching involves excavation and replacement.